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Canterbury Signature Hand Scraped floors - as unique as you are
Canterbury Signature Hand Scraped floors are scraped and sculpted one plank at a time by hand using traditional hand tools and techniques. Our scraping techniques can be customized to your tastes.
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The Look and Feel of an Old World Floor
The Canterbury Signature Hand Scraped collection is available in virtually any combination of species, style, colour, or construction. Canterbury Signature Hand Scraped floors are scraped and sculpted one plank at a time by hand using traditional hand tools and techniques. Our scraping techniques can be customized to your tastes.

Common Scraping Techniques

  • Hand Scraped – our most aggressive, and popular, scraping technique. Varies from medium to heavy removal of material, flowing with energy. There are occasional chatter marks from tooling. Well suited to character grade floors and medium to dark stains.
  • Hand Sculpted – Medium to heavy removal of material, one primary slowly flowing scrape with nearly smooth sides and edge. This technique is exceptionally well suited to very dark floors and to more formal décor. This technique is most commonly used in Walnut.
  • Foot Worn – Replicates the look of a very old worn floor, with graciously sculpted edges and smooth undulating surface. The technique is considerably more refined than scraping or sculpting and works with a wide variety of floors. This technique looks best in wide plank and random plank floors.
  • Wire Brushed – May be combined with scraping or distressing techniques, a stiff wire brush is repeatedly pulled over the surface of the plank, removing the softer springwood and leaving a pleasing, casual surface. This style is best suited to temperate species with open or semi-open grains such as Oak, European Beech, and Ash. This is an popular option for commercial installations where the technique camouflages the wear and tear of heavy traffic levels.
  • Distressing – We achieve in hours what would take centuries. Hand Distressing can be done with any scraping technique or a smooth floor. It is best used with character grade flooring. Our craftsmen replicate the dropped tools, dishes, and pans that a century old floor would have witnessed and the scrapes and scratches of grit in the shoes of many visitors.

Edge Treatments for Hand scraped Floors

  • Hand Eased Edge - The most popular edge treatment for hand scraped floors. The edge is gently eased by hand and rolls into the face of the plank for a very refined casual elegance. Works well with any species or scraping technique.
  • French Bleed (Bevel) – A standard bevel edge accented with black stain that sets off the edge of the floor. This technique is best suited for medium stain floors. A reverse French bleed (white or tan) can be used to similar effect with darker floors that are left natural.
  • French Bleed (Chiseled edge) – Same as the standard French bleed except that it is used with a heavy chiseled edge. An incredibly bold combination of style and color, this technique works very well with Cherry, Maple, and Walnut.
  • Hand Chiseled Edges – A striking edge treatment in which craftsmen use chisels to deeply cut the edge of the floor. This technique works well when contrasted with a smooth face as well as with heavier scraping techniques.
  • Square Edge – Usually reserved for smooth faced site finished floors and our Signature Engineered prefinished line. Square edge floors can be used with light scraping techniques in unfinished only.

Width and Length Considerations
Most scraping techniques are inspired by the look of antique hardwood floors. In keeping with that style, wider widths and random widths are the most faithful method of replicating the look. In addition, long plank lengths not only improve the look and authenticity of the floor, they also further distinguish a hand crafted floor from the flood of imported machine scraped imitators that have flooded the market with short fixed length products that do nothing to enhance the look or provide an authentic feel to the floor.
All of our hands scraping techniques are available in both Long Plank and Estate Plank lengths.

Choice of Species
While virtually any of the fifty species we work with can be hand scraped, the most popular are the character grade domestic species (Oaks, Maple, Walnut, and Cherry) and the darker colored Exotic Species (Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany, and Sapele).

Too many choices? We’re here to help.
If you’re unsure which options will achieve the appearance you want, give Canterbury a call. Describe the look you’re after to our flooring consultants, and they will suggest some combinations that will get you there. They’ll also provide flooring samples at your request. Call (336)751-0856.

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